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Consultation Services Menu

Basic Lifestyle Consultation     $60

Determine the body constitution and current state of balance, with recommendations given for diet and lifestyle for enhanced wellness.

Lifestyle Consultation Plus                    $85

A basic consultation, plus herbal tea blend customized for your body type.

Deluxe Consultation     $105

Lifestyle Plus consultation, with an herbal body oil for self abhyanga or 2 churnas (seasoning blends for your food) blended specifically for your body type.

Detox Consultation      $145

A great seasonal enhancement, with recommendations and herbal products custom-created to support your body type and to assist with the elimination of toxin build-up in the body.

Other Massage Services

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

Customized soft/connective tissue work for preventative, chronic, and acute issues requiring therapeutic or deep tissue massage.  Direct billing to Blue Cross available; receipt provided for all other coverage types.    $75 per hour; $60 for 45 minutes; $45 for 30 minutes; $105 for 90 minutes. 

Relaxation Massage

A session to help you melt away the stresses of a busy life.  (Note that this treatment is not eligible for reimbursement by most insurance plans.)  $75 per hour; $60 for 45 minutes; $45 for 30 minutes; $105 for 90 minutes. 

Hot Stone Massage Treatment        $90-$120

Hot basalt stones are strategically placed on the body and used by the therapist to provide soothing heat to overworked muscles and joints.   60 minute treatment $90; 90 minute treatment $120.

Swe-Thai Massage Treatment        $75

A unique massage experience that blends the Eastern knowledge of Thai massage with various techniques of Western-style massage therapy.  Specially developed techniques with gentle Thai stretching that provide beneficial results, increasing flexibility and promoting deep relaxation.  60 minute treatment.

Thai Herbal Balls            $25

Unique compresses that are filled with medicinal and aromatic herbs, handmade in Thailand, to promote energy flow, skin nourishment and enhanced blood circulation.  Used to help melt away chronic muscle and joint pains.  Add these on to any massage treatment to enhance your therapy session.

"Bliss My Sole"   $50

A treatment that indulges the feet in a session of blissful care, including an herbal soak and exfoliation, followed by 50 minutes of massage for the feet.  Ahhh......

Facial and Nail Services Menu

Ayurvedic   Facial                   $80

An amazing hour of skin care based upon your Dosha!  Organic and natural ingredients are blended to create divine cleansers, exfoliants, masques, oils and potions for the face and body.  An experience that will leave your face and body in a state of total bliss!  

Back Facial       $80

A delicious treat for your back, including organic and natural ingredients to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and deeply nourish the skin of the back.  Also includes massage to help relax tired muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.


Lotus and Thistle Full Service Manicure     $40

Gentle, detailed care of nails and cuticles with a relaxing and nourishing massage to the hands and arms.  Choice of polish colour (add French for $12 more).  Allow approx. 45 minutes for this service, depending on your nails.

Express Manicure  $25

A shorter service that cares for the fingernails by shaping the nails, tidying the cuticles and applying a colour of your choice.

The Lotus and Thistle Signature "Pedi-Heady"  $90

For the truly discerning, a two-hour session of indulgent care, starting with a full service Lotus and Thistle Pedicure, followed by a 30-minute session of Shiro Abhyanga (Indian Head Massage).  A delightful treat for your head, scalp, feet and toes!

Lotus and Thistle Full Service Pedicure    

The joy of foot care, with soak, exfoliation, and massage, careful attention to nail care, and finished with your choice of polish colour (add French for $12 more).  Allow approx. 75 minutes for this service, depending on your nails.

Lotus and Thistle Natural Pedicure   $50

Full service foot care, with soak, exfoliation, and massage, along with careful attention to nail care, but no application of colour to the nails.  Great for Winter maintenance, or for the gents!

Express Pedicure

A shorter service that cares for the feet and toenails with a warm herbal soak and scrub, clipping/shaping the nails, and applying a colour of your choice.

Paraffin- Alternative Treatment Add-On        $15

Warm shea butter-based treatment added to your manicure or pedicure, allow an additional 10 minutes to either service.



Epilation Services Menu


Lips, Chin, or Cheeks............….$12

Two face services (lip,
chin, eyebrows or

Full Face…..……..$35


Brazilian (with consult)….........starting at $60



Lower Leg…..…...$35

Full Leg………..…$65

Full Leg and Bikini.....$85

Chest and Stomach……….…$55

Full Back and Shoulders……..…$60


Brow Tint….……...$15

Lash Tint...……….$20

Ayurvedic Services Menu

Abhyanga with Marma Massage     $75

Combines the techniques of Indian massage (abhyanga), champi (head massage) and marma therapy (energy centers on the body), with strokes that are practiced in lymphatic, Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure and foot massage/reflexology.  Oils are chosen for the specific body type, to maximize the benefits of the massage and the energy flow.  One hour treatment.

Shiro Abhyanga

An Indian head massage to balance the effects of stress on the body.  Excellent for those who suffer from headaches, insomnia and hypertension.  A focus on the marma points and head chakras enhances the therapeutic effects of the massage. 30 mins.


For the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief!  Warm oil streams from a copper pot onto the forehead, where gentle rhythmic movements of the oil along the forehead awaken deep memories, transforming bodily tissues to optimize good health.  Shirodhara soothes and invigorates the senses, and creates calm in the mind. *added to Shiro Abhyanga: $90  *added to Abhyanga Massage: $120

Chakra Balancing Treatment        

Anointment and blessings of the seven spinal chakras with special aromatherapy oils, to help clarify and strengthen the will of the body and the connection to Spirit.  *added to Abhyanga Massage: $115


After the body is dry-brushed, a dry herbal powder is created according to body type and therapeutically massaged into the skin.  Udgarshana therapy opens circulation, improves metabolic activity, and enhances the complexion of the skin. 



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