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Bonnie, thank you for moving to Canada and choosing our "small dot" on the map. Your wealth of experience and gentle touch have made my sessions with you so relaxing that it enables me to get on in the stress world I create for myself.

D.T., Chester
I am so impressed with Bonnie's knowledge and technique for Massage Therapy!  She definitely has the Midas Touch! May good karma come her way.

- Kathleen H.

 Bonnie is very knowledgeable on how the body works, and has the skill and focus to repair it. "Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect", she has both. ALL the best.

- Brad H.

Bonnie brings a wonderful combination of qualities to her work. She is exceptionally talented and professional, non-judgmental, generous, and chilled. Her clients are in fabulous hands - literally!

- B.A., Mahone Bay

I wish to recommend an Ayurvedic facial to those who may be curious, unsure or nervous about the procedure.  Imagine the thrill of someone else washing your hair and multiply that feeling by 50 fold.  The facial was wonderfully relaxing and my skin never felt so smooth and silky.  I appreciated the natural ingredients used and sensitive use of essential oils.  This was a marvellously nurturing time and space, a gift to my face and spirit.  Many thanks.

- Bonnie I.

For me, massage therapy has moved from a wonderful relaxation modality to a health benefit as I have aged.  Despite my active life style and regular exercise program, Bonnie, who has been my therapist for the past two years, has been instrumental in “keeping me moving” in the right direction.   Her multifaceted training and knowledge tend to extend the benefits of her massage therapy sessions and I, for one, have profited greatly.

Linda Maxwell

When I first met Bonnie I was unable to sit, lie down, walk comfortably or take a deep breath. I have been active for most of my life and with this comes some pretty tight back muscles. My back muscles had been stiff for about a week and I thought they were better enough for me to go for a run...boy was I wrong! After 2kms I was in agony and did not know how I would get home. I pretty much crawled through the door and that is how my husband found me...in tears. He spent the next hour desperately trying to find someplace to take me on such short notice on a Saturday! He finally called a spa in Lunenburg and luckily they had an opening if I could get there quickly! After one of the most painful car rides of my life I arrived in tears and met Bonnie. Little did I know that this was the beginning of not only a great working relationship but also a friendship! My back was as pliable as a piece of hardwood when we started and within an hour I could move and breath deeply and after a few more sessions I was back to doing all the things that I loved. That was the first of many appointments with Bonnie and now I can say she is not only my massage therapist but also my friend. She is great at what she does and has a heart of gold and I am so very thankful to have met her! I wish her nothing but the best in her new business and I can't wait to see her in January so she can work on all my knots and we can share a laugh or two!

- Tiffany Burns Langley, Blandford


I have had 3 wonderful massages from Bonnie.  She has great technique, uses the right amount of pressure and has helped alleviate my neck and shoulder tension immensely.  We are very fortunate to have her practicing in our community.


I have been going to Bonnie for massage for about 6 months. I have fibromyalgia and because of the fibro I also suffer from inflammation of the skin called fasciitis. This is all very painful. What I like about Bonnie is that she is able to understand what I need and also what I want. So many professionals think they know what is best for you.  I like and look for professionals that will listen, and because Bonnie is able to tune into my wants AND needs, I love going to her and look forward to the wonderful help I get having to live with this awful disease. Thank you Bonnie for making my life better.
- Jeannie Swinemar

I was able to experience a massage from Bonnie recently.  Like many people I hold stress in my shoulders and neck.  Not only were those areas focused on but I feel I received a full body massage with good results.  I feel there was an excellent understanding of my problems and also effective and sensitive techniques to lead me back to better health.

- Bonnie I.

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